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BidWork Tender Management

Enabling estimators to make informed decisions quickly during the pre-construction planning stage.


BidWork Tender Management

Transforming the tendering process​​​.

The integration of BidWork into Marketplace, a Once For All product, presents a powerful solution for the pre-construction phase, offering estimators and pre-construction professionals unmatched advantages in tendering and estimating.

Combining these products redefines efficiency and effectiveness, allowing you to prepare more bids, improve accuracy and easily distribute and track bill of quantities (BOQ) responses.

Key Features include:

Accelerate Tendering with BidWork’s AI-powered X-ray tool​

  • Extract scope items from tender packs with the help of our AI-driven tool
  • Speed up tendering processes: get an X-ray look of any document
  • Easily identify tender irregularities early for swift resolution and efficient query management
  • Minimise risk profiles throughout your supply chain

BidWork Tender Management X-ray

BidWork Tender Management Smart Enquiries

Send out Smart Enquiries to the market

  • Get prices at tender – faster
  • Go beyond standard enquiry tools with advanced functionality
  • Utilise BidWork’s Smart Enquiries feature for targeted market engagement
  • Easily track all activities in real-time and chat with inbuilt messaging

Compare documents easily, identify changes faster

  • Auto-compares all document changes in bulk
  • Efficiently overlay drawings via single-view for individual comparison
  • Improve response times through Smart Enquiries
  • Share and compare to get the best price and right match for your project

BidWork Tender Management Auto-compare

Tender Management done easily.​
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