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Verify the financial stability of third-party subcontractors

Risk Management

For main contractor finance and risk professionals concerned about supply chain risk exposure as economic conditions threaten more business failures.

Reduce reputational risk with accurate insight

To win complex projects and tenders, you need to work with specialist subcontractors to increase the overall attractiveness of your offer to the client.  

For projects in new geographic regions, it is often essential to partner with large regional contractors and subcontractors to ensure you can perform the work locally. 

But because so much of these projects rely on third-party subcontractors, you need to perform financial and risk due diligence checks at the outset of the project. This ensures that the contract award will not overstretch the subcontractor, or that the main contractor does not inherit unnecessary or invisible financial risks. 

Monitor financial health and mitigate risk

The Once For All platform offers financial insight drawn from the subcontractor’s own accounts information, as well as from third-party sources. It also uses predictive analysis to assess risk both at the outset of a project and during its lifecycle. 

Using the system allows you to evaluate specific subcontractors to ensure that high time or outcome-dependent providers are constantly being monitored, and that you will be notified as their financial health changes over time. 

You are able to report against specific subcontractors or the whole supply chain, as well as monitor general trends regarding the financial stability of your third-party subcontractors.  


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