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Comply with employment, safety and other laws when performing work

Demonstrate Compliance

For suppliers and subcontractors looking to join a larger company’s supply chain and demonstrate compliance in accordance with specific policies.  

Achieve compliance and pre-qualify for projects

Compliance is becoming more routinely enforced. As a result, when working for main contractors or building management companies, filing out compliance-related paperwork and checklists is becoming increasingly
time-consuming and costly.

The easy way to demonstrate compliance

The Once For All platform and its schemes offer a simple way of depositing all the relevant documents in one system. You can also share them with your partners so that they have easy access to verified credentials and can quickly approve you as a supplier. Make your compliance and good practice an asset for you to build relationships with your customers.

Once For All reviews and approves your documents and is a third party trusted by most of your existing or potential customers. 

The process is made easy with a state-of-the-art online software and a large team of dedicated and knowledgeable staff who review and supports you with your application. 

Investing in setting up your credentials saves a lot of time and money in the long term and improves your reputation as a professional organisation. This enables you to receive orders from the largest companies in the industry. 

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