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Supplier Sourcing

For main contractor estimators, surveyors and project managers looking for suppliers.

Build a strong and sustainable supply chain

With labour shortages, supply chain disruptions and ever-increasing demands from customers, finding the right supplier or subcontractor is getting harder, whether this is to partner on an offer, provide a budgetary proposal, or contract for a project.

Your current supplier panel might be insufficient — or your loyal suppliers might be too busy — or don’t meet new requirements. In this context, you need a simple and effective way of accessing qualified suppliers at short notice. 

The Once For All platform

Fill the gaps in your supply chain

The Once For All platform is specifically designed to find subcontractors and assess their reputation, skills and credentials to create a short list of potential partners.

The system allows you to publish an Expression of Interest to a relevant group of over 175,000 subcontractors in many areas and trades, assess their interest, review responses, and select a supplier to negotiate the best deal for both of you. 

Choose the right supplier for the job

Once For All allows you to tap into a large, dynamic procurement panel of professional subcontractors that we maintain on an ongoing basis.

The Once For All compliance schemes mean that subcontractors have their credentials and compliance up to date. In this way, you can choose pre-qualified suppliers in accordance with your company’s policy, knowing that they are right for the customer and the job specifications. 

This saves significant time and money, but also allows you to build relationships with subcontractors and suppliers that have the skills and knowledge you require — broadening your choices and increasing you chances to win more work and complete it effectively. 

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