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Complying to stricter ESG regulations in construction

Managing Compliance

For main contractor procurement, compliance, and operational managers ensuring compliance of their subcontractors and suppliers.

Simplify search, validation and decision processes

When construction teams lack the right tools and systems to set and monitor supply chain policy, compliance with current regulations can become a challenge. This is due to the nature of the construction industry, where job sites move continuously, and suppliers change from one project to another. 

Manage risk and ensure compliance

Verify the compliance of new and existing suppliers

Developing a compliance policy for the subcontractors on your supply chain is particularly hard when trying to maintain flexibility. This can make a procurement panel hard to manage.

Once For All has the compliance details of over 175,000 subcontractors, so you can easily check the compliance of your supply chain. Our existing network of suppliers will include a significant percentage of your current suppliers, giving you a head start in collecting and managing data. 

You can easily add new suppliers by inviting them to become scheme members and submit the necessary documentation. We will also help you with this process. 

All the information you need, when you need it

The Once For All platform allows you to organise, maintain and monitor your supply chain. In this way, you can oversee your suppliers’ compliance on an operational site level, or by regional or divisional grouping. You can also see the details of all the company’s suppliers in one place.

The system can also be used for the operational onboarding of new suppliers, to guide them through the process of demonstrating their compliance.

Using the systems will allow you to report to a Group level on risk and compliance exposure, and to form an easy basis for reporting to external authorities. 

Overall, the Once For All system provides a powerful central resource that will save an enormous amount of time and money, and gives you access to information that you cannot easily get elsewhere. 

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