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Our Strategy

We believe we can make a difference. Once For All’s mission is to become the leading platform for collaboration in the construction sector, providing customers with better ways to invest in and manage their environment, social and governance risk and responsibilities. 

Our Beginnings

Once For All’s foundations started at the same time in several countries and companies. Our founding entrepreneurs started businesses to service small and large clients to simplify their compliance requirements. In the UK, Once For All started as Fortius, with the carve out of Constructionline — the UK’s leading supplier verification business — from Capita plc. This was quickly followed by the acquisition of Altius and Builder’s Profile, two UK-based specialist software providers. In late 2021, this UK group joined with Actradis and Once For All, based in France, to form the current Once For All group. Our business is now headquartered in Paris. 

Our Focus 

Environmental, Social and Governance requirements of customers and society are driving all businesses to better manage these demands and to see them as part of their sales credentials in the future. Like in consumer markets, business customers will make social value and ESG a central part of the selection of suppliers. Our clients vary in maturity with pioneers leading the adoption of best practice and innovation in ESG. Like society in general, our clients are working hard to respond to today’s challenges and look to Once For All to assist and support them on their ESG journey. 

Once For All has built a unique single codebase platform for companies to search, find and assess future business relationships based on skills, trades and ESG credentials. As a result, Once For All owns and manages one of the largest proprietary ESG data sets in the world. In the coming years we will roll out a full range of new ESG services to our clients and create a friction free way of sharing this information within the industry. In time we plan to extend this capability to a wider industry focus as we invest in further capability. 

Once For All has partnered with GTCR, a leading private equity firm. Our investors share and are excited about our purpose: building the infrastructure for the new economy and are excited about supporting our growth plans. 

Our People

In the last four years we have grown Once For All to over 400 people and transformed and upgraded several small operational businesses into a single coherent company. Our team has worked exceptionally hard in a fast moving and unpredictable environment. We try very hard to be transparent, provide purpose and in return our team have shown extraordinary commitment and hard work. 

Our Future

We are passionate about our customers and helping them to solve their problems. Our current operations are centred in France and the UK, with small beginnings in Belgium, Germany and Italy. We have a clear plan to rollout out our services across Europe with the sponsorship of our clients. We are always actively looking for partners to work with us or join as part of the growing Once For All. 

Once For All – Building relationships, building a more sustainable future. 

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