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Construction and Property Development

ESG and sustainability for supply chains

The construction industry is at the heart of our changing society and has a unique role and responsibility in improving our lives. Customers’ requirements for a more sustainable approach to construction are being reflected in government policy, laws and standards.  

Whether it is safety, environmental impact, or the impact that construction has on local communities and jobs, Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) is playing an increasingly important role in the construction process. 

Centralised Risk and ESG management solutions

Environmental, Social and Governance responsibilities

Managing ESG in construction is particularly complex as the structure of the industry is fragmented, adoption of technology lags other industries, and the changing location of the job site makes the consistency of implementation difficult.  

Most principal contractors know that choosing and managing the right subcontractors can make the difference between a good and a poorly performing project, both in financial terms but also in critical areas such as safety and environmental protection, which impact the area and reputation long after the work has been completed. 

Performing due diligence

To assure the project’s success, principal contractors perform due diligence on the subcontractors to ensure they select the right partners. These processes are becoming standardised through best practice or industry regulations. In times where skills are short and labour availability is tight, subcontractors are also becoming increasingly discerning about what clients they are willing to work with. 

Empowering supply chain collaboration and compliance

Once For All’s solutions are designed to solve some of these problems by providing integrated workflows to support supply chain creation and management and fulfil compliance requirements.  

Once For All’s cloud-based SaaS system provides access to ESG compliance and credential information on a main contractor’s supply chain, reducing the cost and time of management. Adding skills to the supply chain is easy thanks to the search and find options built into the solution. 

Subcontractors have an easy place to store and share all their credentials, saving time when completing tender documents and forms. The latest version of our software also provides online sales opportunities for contractors to find work that suits them.  

Once For All’s continuous investment in software is set to bring new capabilities to all large and small contractors, enabling them to grow their business, save time and money on compliance, and avoid the risk of inadvertently breaking the law. 

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